Set of 2 Geo Mountain Blanki's
Set of 2 Geo Mountain Blanki's Set of 2 Geo Mountain Blanki's Set of 2 Geo Mountain Blanki's Set of 2 Geo Mountain Blanki's
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Baby Zu Blanki’s are baby comforters designed with bold prints and cuddly textures that your little one is bound to love! They’re seriously soft, snuggly and perfect for little hands.

When introduced at a young age, Blanki’s can become a helpful self settling tool. The magical feel of a soft security blanket is both comforting and soothing to newborns and toddlers. Blanki’s are just the right size to cuddle up to and carry : 30cm x 30cm.


Set of 2 Blanki's
From experience, we know the importance of having two security blankets. Whether it’s thrown from the pram, left behind at daycare or just needs a good wash, we’ll save you (and your little one) some grief with this set of two - you’ll always have an extra on hand!

Machine Washable
Blanki’s are machine washable and retain their comforting softness, wash after wash. 

Eco-friendly Printing
Blanki’s are printed with eco-friendly, water-based pigment inks and dyes which produce very little waste.

Handmade in Australia
Blanki’s are handmade with love, which means that you are getting a unique and bespoke item that will not look like it has come off a factory line up. Due to the nature of the fabric designs, no 2 Blanki's are identical but we'll do our best to make sure your set of 2 are as alike as possible.


Ideas on how to get your baby attached to their Blanki:

  • Keep both of the Blanki’s close to you, either inside your clothing or in your bed for a few days. They will absorb comforting mummy & daddy smells!
  • Put a Blanki between you and your baby during feeding. Let them hold it while feeding as they’ll be relaxed whilst snuggled up to you.



Blanki's by Baby Zu are comfort blankets, designed for snuggling and cuddling. They are not teething toys! If your baby bites or chews their Blanki, like any fabric it will develop holes over time. All of our products are double stitched but should any seams begin to rip, please discard the item immediately. Please also make sure you regularly check for any faults and discard the product if any materials appear loose or worn. WARNING: Some babies like to sleep with their security blanket over their faces. If this is the case, ensure they can still breathe. Make sure your baby cannot get the security blanket tangles around their neck. Keep away from fire. Please note, photo props are not included.

For care instructions, visit product info